Blue Division Playoff Champs - Laurel 3

Mike Ferguson - Captain

Steve Smith, Dani Jennings, Denis Dolley

Jeremy Chait, Mike Ryan, Ron Bass

White Division Playoff Champs - Instant Replay 1

Mike Lucatuorto - Captain

Connor Riggs, Eric Kiesche, Mike Bieber, Tommy Martinovic, Matt McIntosh

Red Division Playoff Champs - P's & Q's 1

Peter Bechoff - Captain 

Walter Casey, Dave Casey, Dave Williams,

Sean Bechoff, Sean Kelly


Congrats to our Blue Division Champions!!!

"Players of the Week"

There will be a "Luck of the Draw" Tourney this Friday Night,

5/25/18 at The Laurel - 8:30pm

Regarding Rescheduled Matches & Forfeits:

1. Any team looking to reschedule a match must notify the opposing team no later than 4:30pm on Tuesday afternoon. 

2. The rescheduled match must be played by the following Monday.

3. If the match is not played by Monday, the team initally seeking the rescheduling will suffer a loss and receive 0 points.  The other team will get a match win and 12 points.

Regarding Score Reporting & All-Star Points:

1. Sheets not received by 10am Wednesday Morning will suffer a first offense loss of 5 match points.

2. A second or any addtional offenses of this nature will results in a loss of 10 match points & the loss of any All-Star points shot by the team that did not send in their sheets.

***Attention All Players***

We Are Pleased To Introduce For The Spring of 2018, The First Ever . . .

"All-Star Challenge"

DPANS (Dart Players Association of the North Shore) & FADA (Farmingdale Area Dart Association) are teaming up to challenge the All-Stars from each league to face-off against each other! The top-8 players from each division will play their counterpart from the opposing league!  The top-8 players will come from the best overall win percentage for their division and includes all games; singles, doubles and triples.  Each of the top-8 players will have met the league requirement for playoff eligibility and have played in a total of 30 or more games during the Spring 2018 season. DPANS Red Division will play FADA Amstel Division, DPANS White Division will play FADA Bud Division & DPANS Blue Division will play FADA Bud Lite Division.  Since DPANS & FADA play different formats, match format will be determined by location.  The All-Star team with the best combined overall win percentage will host play the first night.  Match play will be a race to 19 points & the home teams' format will be used, the home team will be responsible to keep score.  If the match ends on night one without a winner, it will be continued the following week at the visitor's bar with the format also switching.  Stay tuned for updated All-Star Standings and dates of play!   

Individual All-Stars & Stats


Spring Season Dart Party, Awards Ceremony & LOD - 6/10/18

(more info to follow)

Summer Season - Tuesday Nights, 6/12/18 - 8/14/18

Summer Playoffs - 8/21/18 & 8/28/18

Fall Season 2018 Captains Meeting - 8/28/18, 7PM prior to the

Summer Season Finals

Fall Season 2018 Begins on 9/11/18