Due to renovations, Nicky's of Centerport will no longer be

hosting any dart teams. For the remainder of the season, Nicky's Tuesday team will be playing it's home matches out of Huntington Village Tavern (HVT) & will be listed on the Schedule & All Stars as "HVT 3 (Nicky's)"  The Wednesday night Nicky's team will be playing it's home matches out of Off Broadway Pub & will be listed on the Schedule & All Stars as "OBP (Nicky's)"

The venue change does not affect the schedules as HVT 3 (Nicky's) will be playing on the back board & OBP (Nicky's) is the only team playing there on Wednesday nights.

Thank you to both HVT and OBP for hosting the teams the rest of the way!

Week 7 Stats & All-Stars Now Available!

Congrats to the following players for their Outstanding Play!

Connor Riggs (Instant Replay 1) for hitting a 180!

Calen Hoffman (Larkfield Lanes) for a 9 Dart 301 Game!

***Attention Wednesday Captains***

Due to the potential snowstorm, we will be in contact with you via phone/text tomorrow by 2PM regarding the status of Wednesday nights' matches

Please remember that only players whose names appear on the Final Rosters (or Qualification page) are eligible to play

during the match.  Any points won by an ineligible player will be forfeited to the opposing team.

All-Stars & Individual Stats:

Spring 2018 Schedules

"Players of the Week"

Regarding Rescheduled Matches & Forfeits:

1. Any team looking to reschedule a match must notify the opposing team no later than 4:30pm on Tuesday afternoon. 

2. The rescheduled match must be played by the following Monday.

3. If the match is not played by Monday, the team initally seeking the rescheduling will suffer a loss and receive 0 points.  The other team will get a match win and 12 points.

Regarding Score Reporting & All-Star Points:

1. Sheets not received by 10am Wednesday Morning will suffer a first offense loss of 5 match points.

2. A second or any addtional offenses of this nature will results in a loss of 10 match points & the loss of any All-Star points shot by the team that did not send in their sheets.